Cleaning the filter of your vacuum is vital to its ongoing performance. When the filter becomes clogged, you will notice a loss of suction and often a change in sound of the vacuum.

The process of replacing the filter is extremely easy and will save you a lot of cleaning time and money!

This is a compatible replacement filter for select models of Dyson vacuum cleaners.

  • 1x Post filter
  • 1x Washable pre filter
  • Fits: Dyson DC05 and various models
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  • Replacement Washable Pre Motor Filter and Post Motor Allergy HEPA Filter Kit made by First4spares for Dyson DC05 DC08 Vacuum Cleaners.
  • Fits Dyson Models: DC05 Limited Edition, DC05 Silver/Red, DC05 Plus Turbobrush, DC05 Silver/Yellow, DC05 Motorhead, DC05 Absolute, DC05 Absolute Plus Turbobrush, DC08 Animal, DC08 Allergy Parquet Ireland, DC08 TW Complete, DC08 Tool Kit, DC08 Origin, DC08i, DC08 Carpet Pro, DC08 Allergy, DC08 TW Allergy, DC08 Base, DC08 Allergy+ Carpet Pro, DC08 Allergy Blue/Turquoise, DC08 TW CarpetPro + Allergy, DC08 TW Animal.
  • Fully Compatible, High Quality, Long Lasting Filters.
  • Yellow Pre-Motor Lifetime Washable Filter Diameter: 153mm.
  • Blue Post-Motor HEPA Allergy Filter Diameter: 151mm.

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